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Web Conferencing

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What is Web Conferencing?

Web Conferencing is when two or more people "meet" over the Internet to share information and ideas. Web Conferencing systems typically provide tools that allow participants to perform "Online Collaboration" by working together over the Internet, sharing applications and documents. Some Web Conferencing tools include the ability to share one's desktop, allowing participants to "Present" information, be it a PowerPoint® Presentation, an Excel® Spreadsheet, a Word® Document, websites via their browser, or anything else that a participant wishes to show other attendees of their Web Conference. In addition to "Presenting" information, another powerful Web Conferencing tool allows participants to remotely control other participants' computers, aiding in training and "help desk support" environments. Although Web Conferencing and Video Conferencing are currently treated as two distinct forms of communication, a good Web Conferencing system will also contain solid Video Conferencing capabilities as well.

What Makes sdws Web Conferencing Unique?

  • Sdws.infoWeb Conferencing is 100% browser-based, using open architecture and non-proprietary methods to allow people to share information and ideas over the Internet. This means that there is no "proprietary" software to download, install or configure.
  • it Web Conferencing includes powerful Sdws.infoVideo Conferencing, allowing participants the following features:
  • Browser-based Video components, meaning there is no bulky, expensive or "proprietary" equipment required to conduct the Video portion of a Web Conference. With MegaMeeting.com, in order for an individual to be seen in a Web Conference, all they need is an Internet browser, a broadband Internet connection and a device in which they can be seen, either a web camera or a digital video camera.
  • "Multi-point" Video capability, meaning that more than two people can simultaneously see each other from any and all locations throughout the world. With MegaMeeting.com, up to 11 separate individuals can be seen at the same time, and in the same Web Conference room. These same 11 individuals can also be seen by an unlimited number of additional Web Conference attendees.
  • True Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), meaning that participants in a Web Conference can also talk and hear one another by using standard microphones and headsets.
  • it is operating system agnostic, meaning anyone that is using a Windows, Mac or Linux based machine may participate in a Web Conference.
  • it Web Conferencing comes standard with a powerful "Presenter" Tool that allows all Web Conferencing participants the ability to display and share their desktops and/or applications to/with the other meeting participants - all while sending Video and audio to the entire audience. With the "Presenter" Web Conferencing tool, Sdws.info participants can share a PowerPoint® Presentation, an Excel® Spreadsheet, a Word® Document, websites via their browser, or any other image, document or application that a participant wishes to show other attendees of their Web Conference. This feature is also known as "desktop sharing" or "application sharing". In addition, the "host" of the Web Conference can decide which participants are allowed to "present" to the other participants of the Web Conference.
  • it offers an optional, "add-on" tool called 'TechHelp", which is a Technical Support/Helpdesk Tool, that allows a Host of a Web Conference to take "Remote Control" of a participant's computer with just a couple clicks of the mouse. This tool is ideal for IT departments and software support technicians wishing to deliver their services at the highest level. By "taking over" and remotely controlling a participant's computer, a Sdws.infohost can troubleshoot a problem remotely or perform system maintenance/analysis just as if they were sitting in front of the participant's computer. In addition to benefiting IT departments and support technicians, Trainers and Team Members can use the "TechHelp" remote control tool to collaborate and perform training functions by accessing multiple documents and applications on the participant's computer - in REAL TIME.
  • it offers Flat Rate Monthly Pricing, allowing its clients to receive unlimited Web Conferencing for one low monthly fee. With MegaMeeting.com, there are no hidden or additional per minute/per user fees - what you sign-up for is what you pay for. sdws Web Conferencing allows businesses to be in front of and collaborate with their prospects, clients and employees whenever they choose, sharing information and ideas without having to incur expensive travel related costs and without having to incur the loss of valuable time normally required to participate in such face-to-face meetings.
  • sdws Web Conferencing is ideal for Sales Meetings, Employee Trainings and Online Presentations, as well as Product Introductions, Demonstrations and Orientations. Sdws.infoWeb Conferencing is also ideal for Customer helpdesk training and support purposes.
  • it rivals high-end Web Conferencing systems at a fraction of the cost.

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