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WAP for the Mobile World

sixdaysworks offer WAP design (web design for wireless devices such as cell phones, palm tops etc.) services to global clients since year 2000. Wireless Application Protocol, better known as WAP, is quickly becoming one of the hot new technology standards in the communications marketplace. If you havenít heard of it yet, you soon will.

Why is WAP important to you?

If you live in America, WAP is a relatively new concept. If you live in Europe or Asia, chances are you access the Internet via a WAP-enabled device (cell phone, palm top). Most Internet research groups agree that more people will access the Internet via a WAP enabled device than by PC by year 2003.

A WAP web presence is essential if you want a global internet presence. sixdaysworks is ready to assist you with WAP web design.

Your WAP site will reside in your existing server if it supports WAP. Generally people use yaourdomain.com/wap/ or wap.yaourdomain.com for WAP sites.

Our standard WAP site contain 8 cards (screen views). Each card may accommodate approx. 400 ~ 900 characters. This include one contact form and one logo on main card.

WAP or Wireless Application Protocol is the open standard for enabling web content to mobile phones and other wireless devices. WAP is the platform for the new generation of information through phones. It is really nothing but a set of rules derived by Nokia and first developed for use in their mobile phones.

The wireless services provided by WAP are independent of the underlying digital wireless network technology. WAP enables users of mobile phones to have access to information and transactional services.

WAP in everyday life.

The user of a WAP-enabled mobile phone can get connected to the Internet instantly and can access any Internet service immediately. She/he can seek and get stock market quotes, Internet searches, banking information, flight timings, current news and much more.

In practice, there are certain limitations to using a mobile phone to access data, as compared to a computer, for example: screen size and lack of keyboard input. But such usage is inevitably going to increase in future. The reason is, a computer confines you to a physical location, whereas with a mobile phone you can reach the information quickly from wherever you are.

WML & WML Script

WML or Wireless Markup Language is a part of WAP. Using WMLScript you can write code for your cell phones which are WAP-enabled. Cellular phones are the base for WML and WML Scripts in the WAP world.

Cellular phones are often called "User Agents" and are capable of interpreting WML and WMLScripts. WMLScript is a JavaScript like scripting language which helps to make WML dynamic. You can get the WML and WMLScripts specification and download them at WAPforum.com. WAPforum is the consortium founded by Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola and Phone.com that standardizes WML which was designed for low-bandwidth, small-display devices.

The DTD for WML

The WML 1.1 Document Type Definition (DTD) is available at http://www.wapforum.org/DTD/wml_1.1.xml. If you are familiar with XML syntax, you can easily learn the variables and elements used in a valid WML file. If you are writing WML, it should follow the DTD of the above site, otherwise your script is not valid.

What does 'WAP-enabled' mean?

By loading software or a micro browser in your communication device, say in your mobile phone, you can handle all WML 1.1 DTD that can help you receive information. If your phone has a micro browser that can convert WML into information that is viewable, then your phone is WAP-enabled. You need a WAP-enabled phone for use in WAP communication.

Creating applications with WML

You can develop WML applications by using the concept called "Deck of Cards". A Deck is nothing but a WML page or document and a Card means an interaction between the user and the user agent. (As I mentioned before, the user agent is your phone). The user can open or download multiple cards at a time and can communicate at a high rate of speed. If you want to learn how to write WML scripts, follow some of the WAP-related links given at the end of this article.

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